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F1 Grand Prix Opening Ceremony – Bahrain



About This Project

The Brief

To produce and manage the pre-race opening ceremony, showcasing Bahrain’s unique culture to the world. Our aim was to generate extensive media coverage both in the Gulf region and internationally.

The Added Dimension

How’s this for a conundrum? The event needed floats, but no motors were allowed on the track. So we designed three floats that could be pushed!

Each float represented a different aspect of Bahrani culture; The Pearl, the Souk and the Dhow. We involved over 150 Bahraini students to help with the ‘grand reveal’; huge flowing silks surrounding each float. The visual impact was spectacular; the blue silks around the Pearl and the Dhow and gold around the central Souk created a ‘desert between two seas’ while also reflecting the brand identity of the main sponsor, Gulf Air, who arranged for a Boeing 747 ‘fly-by’.

The Result

The event generated huge media coverage helping promote the image of the Grand Prix and Bahrain as a destination.

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